Billy the Kid´s Ghost Ballad

I talked to Billy´s ghost this morning
at an all-nite diner in Fort Sumner.
After he finished his chili
he turned to me for a light,
I asked him if he lived here
he said a long time, long time ago
and we both of us ordered a beer.

He told me
there´s some people think they know me
others think they own my story.
They think they got my grave
an´ it´s filled with me

but my spirit left this town

I´m gonna tell you now
before they threw my body down.

All´s I was looking for.
All´s I ever wanted
was a house on a ridge
outside Ruidosa
and one kind word from Margarita.

Me an´ Texas we never got along
nothin´ but big trouble over there.
They would ´a stole my heart an´ soul
an´ traded ´em for a whiskey, for a song.
Women in Muleshoe was nice an´ kind
but the gamblers over there in Cut ´n Shoot
meant to drink me under the table blind.



And the freedom that I had,
that run along the edge, was nothin´
compared to the look on the face
of that black haired woman
when I swore to her one July night

On the bank of the Soco River

That her skin was made of light

Feel that prairie fire spreading
through the corners of your room
feel the north wind howling
inside your afternoon.

After my career got started,

After I shot that first loudmouth down

My white hat got trampled in the dust

it turned into one long sunset

with no trace of oncoming moon.
and sittin´ round the midnight fire
I could not carry a cowboy tune.

After that first messed up shootout
there was nothing I could do to stop it,
that´s not a reason or an excuse
there was nothin’ left to do
I mean this is just an observation
but turn around for the face-off
gun straight towards another gun.

Feel that prairie fire in your room
the north wind inside your afternoon.

All´s I ever wanted
All´s I ever hoped for
All´s I ever wanted.

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