it follows this thing that is killing me will eventually complete

blind fold
cuffs linked
ambient everything
the sound the sound the sound

blocked out ,
to hear the body crying
my own asbestos laughter
breath and blood, capitulation
name the colors I've bled
a rain of pine needles
too soft ground
spring spreading like virus, like plague
a resonate carnage
listen, listen
through the stethoscope
press against my ribs
while I hold your head
the scatter of heartbeat
overwrought, wintering
and slower,
too small to fear a scale
or cull
no amendments or resolutions
heaven is hell
I would not want to be there
without you
this death is adequate
superlative and chronic
the smoke
feints and curls
sitting in the park
I smell it
see the yellow light
in the windows
curtain shadow
live looking in
at us like bloody strangers
each cough, pink mist
a sanguine fog
reaching for
that last solitary smoke