In the beginning, light fails
and we huddle together to keep it close.
If we spread too far apart, the wild crawls in
and the mongoose steals our breakfast,
Julia Child's "oeufs" in little cups.

If we huddle close enough
WalMart will come--- as we come from all
continents, migrate across land bridges
and glaciers. We circle our wagons
to keep out the wild.

Our houses are pink and square and orderly.
In our yards, apples hang heavy on the tree. We check
the maiden aunts in to the Taxidermy Hotel. Checking out,
a parade of stoats and bears in feral Frankenstein poses.

We know all is as it should be---
houses pink and near---wildness
stuffed and done.

from east to west - crowe, morrison, shapiro, "spoken word" poets, & art!
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